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Speedy Shine Monthly Car Wash Club

What does your car say about you? Does it get washed more than four times a year? Is the back seat littered with trash and six month old gold fish crackers? By joining our monthly car wash club, your vehicle can look spotless all the time! With a low monthly investment, you can swing by Speedy Shine anytime you like. No more worrying about getting your car washed and having it rain or snow the next day.

See details below:

How do I join the Speedy Shine Club?

Enrollment in the club is not available online. 

Step 1:  Please take the vehicle you would like to enroll to the wash as well as the credit/debit card you would like charged each month for your club membership.

Step 2:  At the pay terminal select “Go to Clubs” and select the club you would like to join.

Step 3:  Swipe the card you would like charged each month.

Step 4:  Proceed to tunnel and hand wash attendant club receipt.  He will give you an enrollment sheet to complete while you are going through the tunnel.

Step 5:  Exit wash and park car in vacuum space.  Give enrollment sheet to attendant and he will affix an RFID tag on your windshield behind your mirror.  This is how our system identifies your vehicle when you visit the wash.

Welcome to the Club! 

You can now visit Speedy Shine once per day for one low monthly fee! 

  • Cost is per vehicle.
  • Limit one wash per day
  • Speedy Shine will charge the credit card used every thirty days unless membership is canceled.
  • Club can be canceled at anytime. Wash benefits will end with expiration of thirty day period already charged. No refund will be given for partial periods.
  • Speedy Shine reserves the right to modify or cancel wash club at anytime including individual memberships.