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Recycling Center

Speedy Shine is proud to offer a recycling bin for all paper, glass, metal and plastic you may need to dispose of when cleaning out your car.

Water Reclaim

We reclaim and treat the water used at Speedy Shine which reduces our water usage by 50%. We use an average of 38 gallons per car. Home car washing uses between 80 to140 gallons of water per car. http://environment.about.com/od/greenlivingdesign/a/car_wash.htm


Speedy Shine uses environmentally friendly chemicals and soaps.

Energy Usage

Speedy Shine uses variable frequency drives to reduce electric consumption by our equipment.

Soap Runoff

Speedy Shine captures all soap and chemicals which are filtered by a sand and oil separator prior to discharging in the Colorado Springs sewer system. Home washing discharges soap into the storm water system which pollutes our creeks and waterways.